Succulents with Alice’s Table

You HAVE to meet Alice of Alice’s Table and take one of her creative classes ASAP!

I’m not a big flower person (because I don’t appreciate that they die), but I do love a good succulent. So when my good friend invited me to join one of Alice’s classes to learn about succulents and make my own all the while sipping on cocktails in a cozy room of a back bay bar, my hand shot up.

Alice hosts her events all over the city but ours was at Back Bay Harry’s. A side note about Harry’s is that I used to work around the corner from this spot and I never knew their cocktails and appetizers were so … succulent. We will be heading back for their “back bay nachos” and pineapple express cocktails very soon. Now back to Alice…

We started off the class by watching one of BBH’s bartender’s mix a delicious watermelon cocktail. We were then each served a glass of our own to sip on.





Ironically Alice was being featured on Chronicle during our class so we watched her clip while designing our succulents.

alices table





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