Staniel Cay Yacht Club

Also known as heaven on earth – to me, at least.

As you pull up to the marina at Staniel Cay – if you arrive by boat – you can immediately feel the vibe that the island has to offer. You’re family for however long you choose to stay and the only rule is that you relax because, “Honestly now, what’s your hurry? … you’re here”.   


There are a bunch of cute, romantic bungalows around the marina


Took a quick sunset night paddle.

A quick dinghy ride from Staniel Cay is Thunderball Grotto which was made famous by the James Bond movie. It’s an incredible snorkeling experience – as long as its slack tide.

Also not far from Staniel is Pig Beach. I’ve heard a few stories about how the pigs originally got on the island, but in any event, they are there now and have made this little island their home. They’re very adept swimmers and quite fearless towards curious tourists – especially those with snacks. You might be tempted (as I was) to take a little snooze on the beach, but you can expect to feel a wet snout on your face in no time.



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